What is Email Marketing? 0

Email marketing is, perhaps, one of the best forms of money generation on the internet today. Even though email is often seen as old fashioned in the internet time frame, it is still going strong and if used correctly can be used to make a living.

Being able to connect to someone on a seemingly one to one basis, knowing that they are highly likely to be interested in what you have to say, is a business owners dream. And that is precisely what email marketing allows you to do.

The basic process is that you offer a free item, such as a PDF report, PDF ebook, access to a video or pretty much anything that people might find useful. In order to access that content they have to give you their email address and sign up to your mailing list.

From that point. you send them regular emails, but not too many (you don’t want to get labelled as a spammer!) and in those emails, amongst the awesome and interesting content you are supplying you can suggest products to your captured and probably highly targeted audience.

These products can be affiliate products or even your own.

Now you might be thinking that you will be writing emails forever, but there is some clever software out there called Autoresponders. You add in a series of emails and each time someone signs up to your mailing list they get sent the series automatically!

The best autoresponder by far is Aweber.