What is Affiliate Marketing? 0

Affiliate marketing is used throughout the web. Primarily used by “bloggers” it is also used by larger websites, that may not have their own products or wish to supplement their income.

In essence affiliate marketing is lead generation. What that means is you will promote a product and hopefully send a visitor (a lead) from your site to the product owners site via a special link often called an affiliate link, sometimes referred to as a hop link.

If the person who clicked your link buys a product from that site, you will receive a commission for the sale.

Commissions range from around 5% of the sale price, right up to 100% in rare cases. Generally if it is a physical product the commissions will be lower (5% approx.). Digital products average out at about a 50% commission rate. This is due to the overheads, which are significantly less for digital products.

Amazon, one of the internet e-commerce giants, has had a huge role in making affiliate marketing common place, as you can make a commission on nearly every product they sell.

An added benefit is that often your visitor will have a cookie stored on their computer which means that if they fail to purchase then and there but go back a few days later you may still get the sale. Sometimes that period of time is just a few hours (Amazon) but other companies cookies will last weeks.

If you have a website that talks about a particular niche topic, using affiliate marketing can benefit both you and your readers if done correctly, as you can promote a product that they may enjoy or benefit from and reap the financial rewards for everyone that buys it via your link.