Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew 0

When you first start out working from home, it is often the case that you are working evenings and weekends. That or you are trying to fit creating your own business around family and other commitments. What it means is that you end up having quite limited time to get things done.

There is an urge to cram as much as possible into that tiny window off opportunity, but trust me, this isn’t the smart thing to do.

Personally I used to be terrible at this, I had an hour and I would try to write 3 articles, finish off some code, chat with people about making an online business and probably more.

What happens? I get nothing done!

The times I am productive and get stuff done, are when I have one thing to do. Just one. Say an article, or research for keywords. If you set just that one thing, you have no panic, and you can really focus on doing a good job with it.

It is well known that people can multi-task, what is less known is that we are really bad at multi-tasking!

The moral of this story is, do one thing at a time, you will end up with better work and often you will start to learn how to do it quicker, freeing up time for other things.

One great way to achieve this is to take an item off you ready list, turn off as many distractions as possible (you know the ones:  TV, Facebook, etc.) and set a timer for 50 minutes.  In that 50 minutes just focus on that one task.

Doing that it is easy to knock out a few thousands words for an article, or get your website in order, or create a product (or at least a good chunk of it) to sell.

If you do have more time available, it is still a great idea to do this, with 10 minute breaks between to take a walk or visit the bathroom etc. You will find your productivity goes through the roof as you have a single task and a set time to get as much of it done as possible.